Heel Lasting Machine, GM-3-05

1. The machine is suitable for sticking the heel upper which height is less than 180 mm with center bottom and soft center bottom in it.
2. The machine has adjustable device for sticking upper height, shoe last height is adjusted easily, oriented correctly.
3. The sweep knife and tightening device are complete, it is suitable for any shoe shape, the tightening device is protected by chain, with good tightening efficiency.
4. The machine is designed with gear and tooth bar, adjust brace table height, it is accurate and quick.
5. The shoe-last brace table raises in two times to press the sweeping knife heating device, make heel upper even, not having cusp, promote the sticking upper better efficiency, rise the shoe quality.



Heel Lasting Machine GM-3-05
Dimensions 1200*760*1420 mm
Packing Dimensions 1270*820*1680 mm
Production 4000 pairs/8h
Weight 580 kg
Power 2 HP
Electric Heat 400 W
NOTE: The product specification&model is subject to actual contract or quotation if any update.


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