Full Servo-controlled Tracer Toe Lasting Machine (With Hot Melt)

For shoe toe lasting process, need not to change glue applicator to switch shoe pattern, no manual gluing required.


Easy operations / Provides precise HMI

  • The PLC system is equipped with the touch screen to operate the machine with the graphical symbols.
  • Equips 10″ HMI with 3D icons, easy understand and operate.
  • Using insole board to draw toe shape on HMI for gluing path and available for auto-grading.
  • The nozzle movements controlled by servo-motor, gluing path shows actual toe shape.
  • The position of wiper seat and the height of insole stabilizer are digital controlled able to save as pattern parameter.
  • Change machine settings by just select saved parameters.
  • Equips 300 sets of parameter memory capability, able to input and output parameters by USB .

4 axes full – servo control. Perfectly lasting result to presents last curve.

  • Gluing nozzles controlled by servo motors, left / right gluing rod movement apply full 4 axis servo X1, X2, Y1, Y2, offer precise gluing path not to be interfered by temperature of hydraulic oil.
  • Great lasting result of smooth lasting width, no wrinkle and perfect shaping based on shoe last.

Innovative functions for every shoe pattern.

  • Toe pusher with 3 different level of pressure control: the pushing and gliding by wiper and shoe upper generates auto-balanced force to stabilize the lasting results.
  • Parameter of memory for easy shoe pattern select also for auto-grading. Heel support for left / right shoe position change.
  • Neglect changing of glue applicator to efficiently switch shoe pattern, improve productivity. Suits all shoe patterns includes sports shoe, baby shoe, lady shoe and square toe.
  • Gluing path auto left / right shoe change, precise grading.

User friendly design / easier operation

  • Heel support with up/down, front/rear, left/right, tilts of 4 axes movement gauge.
  • Present precise positioning during lasting procedure.
  • After lasting, shoe tray will move forward automatically to catch finished shoe.
  • Special machine cover design, easy to open and close with single hand, easy for machine maintenance.
Model CF-787S
Pincers 9
Pump Motor 2.2 KW(3HP)
Max.Power Consumption 4.8 KW
Oil Pressure 50 kg/cm2
Pneumatic Pressure 6 kg/cm2
Productivity 180 pairs/hour
Oil Filling 100 liters
N.W. 1497 kgs
Be provided before shipment
Dimension(WxDxH) 1050 X 2000 X 1950 mm
Packing size(WxDxH) 1180 X 2220 X 2120 mm
The description and features mentioned on the catalogues are binding any chenge maybe made without notice.


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