9-Pincer Computerized Toe Lasting Machine (With Hot Melt)

Used for the lasting operation of the upper’s forepart, and equipped with the applicator. The rod cement of polyester or polyamide is designed for using, which ensures higher flexibility.


  • Fully hydraulic operated system with the design of High-Low circuit for the operating smoothly.
  • It adopts PLC system and graphical symbols touch screen which is memorable with parameters and pincers’ position, and also with five-step quick adjustment for the width of pincer plate.
  • The movement of the pincer plate is operated by the electric motor, and with the combine of the double-points adjustment design, the left and right pincer plate can be adjusted separately.
  • The first pincer can swing left or right with 15 degree which value of angle can be displayed on screen; the conjunction angle of first pincer and second pincers can reach 20 degree.
  • The tooth profile is more intensive which is more precise for putting upper and reducing possibility of upper broken.
  • Left/right quick swapping function is available for pincer arrangement, applicator, heel support and auxiliary wiper.
  • Quick exchange design for 9 pincers, and the opening is increased by 30% (opening reaches 19mm). The working position of the last support can be adjusted from the knob outside the machine, and the setting value will be displayed in the screen.
  • The toe pusher mechanism is designed with adjustable two-step pressure. During the movement of the initial pressure, there are two ways (pressure controlled or position controlled) can be set for the best operation.
  • The new designed adjustable mechanism for the downward position of the wiper plate is operated easily.
  • Quick-exchangeable design for wiper.
  • Increase pressing points from 3 to 5. Enhance blocking, and reduce wrinkles.
  • Option :
  • Adjustable Rear Length applicator (ACL2.0)
  • The applicator provides adjustable cement length for full sizes.(men or junior)
  • Pincer pull down distance accuracy
  • Accuracy of pincer pull-down distance can reach + 1mm which can improve the error caused easily by time control.
Model CF-777MAX
Pincers 9
Pump Motor 2.2 KW(3HP)
Max.Power Consumption 4.5 KW
Oil Pressure 50 kg/cm2
Productivity 180 pairs/hour
Oil Filling 136 liters
N.W. 1388 kgs
Be provided before shipment
Dimension(LxWxH) 1820x1030x1950 mm
Packing size(LxWxH) 1920x1150x2230 mm
The description and features mentioned on the catalogues are binding any chenge maybe made without notice


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