9-Pincer Hydraulic Toe Lasting Machine


  • Fully hydraulic operated system.
  • 9 fine adjustable and quick-exchangeable pincers are mounted on a double tracking pincer plate (Patent No. 36247).
  • The automatic turning inward of the last pincers left and right (Patent No. 86206459), increase the lasting perfection of inner part.
  • Each set of pincers (left and right) can be setting with automatic pulling or manual operated, preventing the upper made of different materials is only pulled on one side.
  • The upward stroke of the last support can be adjusted from the knob outside the machine.
  • There are two step upward movement functions for the last support, preventing the slipped of the last when combined with the movement of the heel support.
  • The toe pusher mechanism is designed with adjustable two step pressure. During the movement of the initial pressure, there are two ways (pressure controlled or position controlled) can be set for the best operation
  • The forward movement of the wiper can be adjusted as no stepped variable speed controlled.
  • The standard equipment: Auxiliary wiper mechanism, Auxiliary side pusher mechanism and Toe projector mechanism.


Model CF-737A
Pincers 9
Pump Motor 1.5 KW
Max.Power Consumption 3.0 KW
Oil Pressure 50 kg/cm2
Productivity 180 pairs/hour
Oil Filling 115 liters
N.W. 1150 kgs
Be provided before shipment
Dimension(LxWxH) 1705x980x2010 mm
Packing size(LxWxH) 1760x1000x2160mm
The description and features mentioned on the catalogues are binding any chenge maybe made without notice.


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