Rotary-Type Upper Production Line, GM-7-08

1. The production line includes the upper process of feeding, packing and sewing;
2. Reduce the dependance to the sewing workers of the shoe factory;
3. Saving manpower to carry, it is convenient and can save time. Management is in order and it can improve working efficiency;
4. It can set length and layer number of the rotary table according to the actuality;
5. It has the features of greatly improving output, decreasing auxiliary working time and reducing production cost.




Rotary-Type Upper Production Line GM-7-08
Dimensions L(according to field)×1200×2000 mm
Power 1 kw
Speed 1-4m/min
Voltage 380V/50Hz
NOTE: The product specification&model is subject to actual contract or quotation if any update.


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