Rotary Rubber Injection Molding Machine

Injection System Secures Consistent Quality 
One-man Operation Saves Manpower
Suitable for production of simple design and one-color rubber soles
One mold one pair, easy for production arrangement
Power saving design
Quick change mold system
Mold open/close vertically
Vulcanization time setting independently
Alignment of injection nozzle precisely
Traditional compression mold can be used by slight modification
Acceptances by big brand


Item Unit 862-12S
Maximum injection volume cm3 830
Maximum Injection pressure kg/cm2 1600
Screw diameter mm 65
Material size(TxW) mm 75×6
Clamping force Tons 180
Clamping stroke mm 135
Standard heating platens mm 420×470
Daylight mm 200
Maximum mould opening stroke mm 150
Minimum mould height mm 65
Heating type Heater
Heating plate kW 97.9
Total Electric Consumption kW 182.65
Mechanical dimension(L×W×H) M 8.5×5.9×3.5
Weight(Approximate) Tons 29.7
Finished Product


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