Rubber Compession Molding Machine

Mold is opened and closed vertically at parallel stroke , suitable for production of high-heel rubber sole or sole design with tear-off system.
Suitable for production of high-heel rubber soles , mold can be made with tear-off design.
Upper turn mold system:The mold will turn out 65 degree automatically, the distance between the operator and the mold is only 355 mm while the mold is in maximum size 460mm, and it is easy to clean the mold. With more stable production efficiency.
Quick Exchanging Mold: Mold is slide in and out automatically, with automatic mid-plate lifting device. The work that requires more labor are all done by the machine. With more stable production efficiency


Item UNIT 361-4SL 361-8SL 361-12SL
Number of stations No. 4 8 12
Clamping force Tons 125 125 125
Mould-holder dimensions mm 500*500 500*500 500*500
Mould dimensions mm 460*460 460*460 460*460
Mould height mm 50-150 50-150 50-150
Total Electric Consumption kW 85.2 116.4 152.8
Machine dimension m 4.4*3.1*2.5 6.7*3.1*2.5 8.6*3.1*2.5
weight(Approximate) Tons 15 25 36


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