PVC Strip & Upper Injection Machine, GM-6-08

1. Suitable for inject moulding kinds of thermoplastic as PVC, TPR of single or multi color shoelace/strap/upper and other daily plastic goods.
2. The mainframe injection capacity reach 260 cm³, so it can also produce multi color crystal sole and other thermoplastic sole.
3. The rational injection capacity configure, low total power, energy saving.
4. Equipped with a touch screen, PLC automatic control, automatically detectable, easily and safety operated.



PVC Strip & Upper Injection Machine GM-6-08-A GM-6-08-B
Work Station 6stations 10stations
Productivity 200-500pair/hour 200-500pair/hour
Screw Diameter 42/30/30mm 42/30/30mm
Screw Length Diameter Ratio 24:1L/D 24:1L/D
Max. Injection Volume 260/105/105cm³ 260/105/105cm³
Max. Injection Pressure 1140kg/cm² 1140kg/cm²
Mould Space(H) 150mm 150mm
Motor Power 7.5/7.5kw 7.5/7.5kw
Heating Power 9kw 9kw
Machine Dimension 5*1.8*1.8mm 5*1.8*1.8mm
Weight 8.5tons 8.5tons
NOTE: The product specification&model is subject to actual contract or quotation if any update.


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