PU TPU Safety Shoes Making Machine, GM-6-09

Loop-line Double-color Sole One-step shaping with two different materials: TPU and PU, and it is application for safety shoes. The whole equipment is made up of loop-production-line, automatic quantitative TPU casting head, automatic quantitative PU casting head, hydraulic system, PLC microcomputer-controlled system and other auxiliary devices. TPU&PU casting head, material gun’s temperature, preparative material quantity, casting accuracy, mold temperature and pre-heating can all be controlled by PLC microcomputer, and because of that, it is shaped quickly after casting, which is efficient.


1. Designed for one-step casting of two-color sole with PU and TPU.
2. It is innovative to combine both TPU and PU casting heads, which is controlled by microcomputer accurately. The first-color TPU material will be heated accurately, quantified exactly and casted equably, and then the second-color PU material casted. It leads to adequate agglutination of the composite sole one-step shaping. The product is of abrasion-proof, acid-proof, slip-proof and static-proof, etc., which meets special requirement of safety shoes, top-grade casual shoes and tour shoes.
3. The machine, with automatic start/stop device, cast polyurethane sole continuously.
4. Using industry HIMI, controlled with expert PLC program and showed by touching-screen.



PU TPU Safety Shoes Making Machine, GM-6-09 PU Casting Unit
Mixing Head Diameter 40mm
Mixing Ratio 1:1~1:4
Adjustable Rotating Speed of Mixing Head 800-1800rpm
Material Barrel Cubage(A1,A2,B) 90kg
PU TPU Safety Shoes Making Machine,
Production Line and
Die Assembly Unit
Mould Station Number 80Stations
Last Adjustable Distance 200-300mm
Mould Dimension 480×400mm
Mould Clamping Pressure(soleplate) 120kg/cm²
Mould Clamping Pressure(last) 150kg/cm²
Total Power 48kw
Machine Dimension(L×W) 25×5.2m
Machine Weight 6.5ton
Productivity 100-150pairs/h
PU TPU Safety Shoes Making Machine, GM-6-09 TPU Casting Unit
Screw Diameter 60mm
Screw Length 24L/D
Screw Rotating Speed 20-210rpm
Torque 90Da/nm
Injection Speed 50cm³/sec.
Injection Pressure 600Bar
NOTE: The product specification&model is subject to actual contract or quotation if any update.


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