Rotary Type Double Color Sole Injection Machine, GM-6-04

1. Specially for producing all kinds of single/double color soles for sports, leisure/sandals women and leather shoes, etc.
2. Specially for producing the foaming or non-foaming type soles which made of thermoplastic PVC and TPR.
3. All the operation can be computerized. Power will be cut off by system power cutter jamming filter facility automatically when power unstable. Its computer with control and inspection software can inspect the work state of its all parts all the time and show the result on the screen.
4. Control the processing of different die seta by pressure and flow double ratio control.
5. Adopt imported linear potential meter to control plastic volume.
6. The heating zone adopts advanced electronic solid state relay. It can frequently electrify for long time with lower noise. It adopts thermocouple to inspect three times per second and it shows the temperature on the display screen.
7. Automatic adjustment system to parallelism depth of die set ensures regular production when the die set is unparallel.



Rotary Type Double Color Sole Injection Machine GM-6-04
Clamping Force 60 tons
Injection Weight 780cm³
Power 22Kw*2
Opening Stroke 300mm
Injection Rate 12cm/sec
Productivity 200 pairs/hour
Dimension(D*W*H) 7500*5800*2200mm
Machine weight 12 tons
NOTE: The product specification&model is subject to actual contract or quotation if any update.


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