PU Pouring Shoe Making Machine, GM-6-05

Designed to produce top-class leather shoes, leisure shoes, sports shoes and sandals with polyurethane, and also used to make PU soles. The procedure can be adjusted to double-color and double-density.


1.This machine is configured by 10-years experience, with convenient maintenance and high reliability.
2.The casting machine of patented technology has good comprehensive performance and long service life.
3.The original liquid circulation in entire machine uses oil-heating and keep temperature constant to make reliable and stable quality of products.
4. The machine adopts an U-line equipped with automatic temperature control system of drying tunnel, the operating speed can be adjusted.



PU Pouring Shoe Making Machine GM-6-05
Flow process line 15m-21m
Productivity 150 pairs/hour
Max inject Cap. 700 cm3
Total power 20Kw
No. of Feed Tank 3 pcs
No. of Measuring Pump 3 pcs
Tank Volume 120L/250L
Measuring Precision +/- 0.5%
Cleaning Type of Pouring Head Automatic
Rotation Speed of Measuring Pump 60-300 r/min
Rotation Speed of Pouring Head’s Mixture Shaft 4800-8600 r/min
Total Times of Continuous Pouring During Pouring Head’s Cleaning Cycle ≥20 pcs
Max. Displacement Volume 70 pcs
Net weight 4.5 tons
Dimension(D*W*H) 19000*4500*2300mm
NOTE: The product specification&model is subject to actual contract or quotation if any update.


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