Solutions for EVA Flip-Flop Making

About EVA Flip-Flop

Most of EVA flip-flop made of EVA outsole and PVC strap.

How to Make

Upper Making:

Injection-MouldingA01 – One step to make the PVC strap ( Click to see Machine GM-6-08 )

die-cuttingA02 – Cutting the outsole from EVA sheet ( Click to see Cutting Machine )

sewingA03 – EVA outsole edge grinding ( Click to see Machine GM-8-05 )

sewingA04 – EVA outsole drilling ( Click to see Machine GM-8-03 and GM-8-04 )

Eyelet machineA05 – Attach the strap and outsole ( Click to see Machine GM-8-01 and GM-8-02 )