Sole-Sticking Production Line, GM-7-03

1. The two-layer design can separately control the temperature of the last and outsole. And there be increase bond strengths by up to 30%;
2. Using near-infrared light resonates the molecular of glue to accelerate drying the glue;
3. The new temperature control, adopting composite reflective insulation board, significant saves in energy consumption. Compare to general hot air circulation drying tunnel, the energy can be saved for 30-50%;
4. Unique air exhaust device which completes exhausting the steam and vapor from the heating oven;
5. Design of kinesics can economize manpower and increase output;
6. According to requirements, the SM3021 can be ordered in two or three section models; Drying capabilities can also be enhanced should the machine be used for drying solvent-based or water-based attaching adhesives;
7. There are three types of conveyor available;
8. The length can be designed as your requirement.



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