Rubber Compression Molding Machine With Vacuum Chamber

Vacuum chamber design avoids tne issue of air trap and reduce defetiue ratio.
Two molds on the same station with two independent clamping units ;no waiting on two sides operation : productivity +20%
Suitable for production of transparent rubber  light-color, foam rubber soles or the sole design ashichis complicated and difficult to release air by bumping
1. Independent clamping system : saving time loss on operational waiting
2. Automatic mold open/close system : keeping longer usage lifetime of molds.
3. Independent vacuum device: Eliminating air trap issue and making qmality better.


item UNIT 361V-6SL-E
Number of stations No. 6
Clamping force Tons 125
Mould-holder dimensions mm 495×470
Mould dimensions mm 400×440
Mould height mm 0-150
Open mould range mm 230
Total Electric Consumption KW 137.1
Machine dimension(L×W×H)
m 9.9×3.4×2.5
Vacuum pump KW 2*3


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