Solutions for Sandal with PU sole Making

About Sandal with PU sole

A shoe with a PU sole that is held in place with straps around the foot and sometimes the ankle. Play around with sandal that let you easily enjoy warmer weather.

How to Make

Upper Making:

die-cuttingA01 – Make the upper parts by Die Cutting ( Click to see Cutting Machine )

sewingA02 – Skiving the leather as designed ( Click to see Splitting/Skiving Machine )

sewingA03 – Sewing the upper parts according design

PU Pouring Shoe Moulding Process:

Injection-MouldingB01 – Make the Sole by Upper Linking ( Click to see Machine GM-6-05 )

trimming machineB02 – Shoe trimming ( Click to see Trimming Machine )