PLC Band Knife Splitting Machine, GM-2-19

The machine is designed to split the hard or soft leather symmetrically, according to the required thickness in the industry of leather products.


1. Indicate the splitting thickness by number, the in finitely variable adjustment of feeding.
2. With automatic feed registration device, no need to adjust cutting tool.
3. Adjust the clearance of pressure pad and cutting tool automatically to make the splitting precision much higher.



PLC Band Knife Splitting Machine GM-2-19
Max Width Of Split 300mm/400mm/420mm/620mm
Max. Thickness of Split 8mm
Min. Thickness of Split 0.15mm with top bar
0.5mm with top feed roll
Feeding Speed 1-20m/min
Specification Of Band Knife 300mm 2630×50×0.6mm
400mm 2830×50×0.6mm
420mm 3570×50×0.8mm
620mm 3970×50×0.8mm
Power 3.5Kw
Machine Dimension 300mm 1430×1100×1250mm
400mm 1500×1250×1270mm
420mm 1600×960×1420mm
620mm 1820×960×1420mm
Machine Weight 300mm 577 kg
400mm 650 kg
420mm 720 kg
620mm 780 kg
NOTE: The product specification&model is subject to actual contract or quotation if any update.


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