Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine, GM-1-02

1. Efficient operation, simple, low failure rate, safe and reliable.
2. Cutting point setting mechanism is compact,accurate and easy to maintain.
3. Cutting stroke adjust device, which can effectively extend the die cutting board lifetime.
4. Run smoothly, quietly with high cutting speed.




Cutting Force Machine Bed Motor Cutting Area Open daylight Net Weight
25TON 1850x1470x1250mm 3HP 1250x500mm 50-160mm 1200kg
2070x1470x1250mm 1470x500mm 1400kg
2200x1470x1250mm 1600x500mm 1600kg
30TON 1850x1550x1500mm 5HP 1250x500mm 50-160mm 1700kg
2070x1550x1500mm 1470x500mm 1800kg
2200x1600x1550mm 1600x600mm 1900kg
NOTE: The product specification&model is subject to actual contract or quotation if any update.


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