Hot &Cold Back Part Molding Machine, GM-5-01

Hot & Cold Back Part Molding Machine, applicable of different kinds of shoes counters for hot and cold shaping

1. Cross Projection Lamp can help get right position setting.
2. Scan cutter is equipped, while shaping, fold the outer edge of shoe cover inward in convenience of shoe sides binding.
3. During the heating make-up, rubber mold and aluminum mold can both heat up and the temperature is adjustable. The shoe sides thus can be softened quickly. The rubber mold is made from silica gel material, which has a long performance life.
4. The moving length of pincer catch can be adjusted as required. Shoe vocer, main heel and inner leather is level so shoe cover and aluminum can better tally with each other.
5. The temperature of cold mold is adjustable and can be lowered to -18℃. Internal and external dies can be made to the measure of shoe tree, which ensured that the internal mold can tally with the external mold and shaping effect is much better.



Hot &Cold Back Part Molding Machine GM-5-01
General Power 2.0 Kw
Power Supply Voltage 220V
Power Supply Phase 2-Phase
Frequency 50 Hz
Exhaust 300 dm³/min
Pneumatic Pressure 0.5~0.7 Mpa
Machine Net Weight 506 Kg
Package Weight 640 Kg
External Dimensions 1440*740*1980 mm
Package Dimensions 1550*870*2180 mm
NOTE: The product specification&model is subject to actual contract or quotation if any update.


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