Solutions for Canvas Shoes Making

About Canvas Shoes

A light shoes with canvas upper and rubber/PVC sole. Canvas shoe is soft, casual and colorful. The typical canvas shoes can be high cut or low cut, and suitable with jeans.

How to Make

Upper Making:

die-cuttingA01 – Make the upper parts by Die Cutting ( Click to see Cutting Machine )

sewingA02 – Sewing the upper parts according design

Eyelet machineA03 – Punch And Eyeleting For Shoelace ( Click to see Eyelet Machine )

Direct Injection Moulding Process (DIP):

Injection-MouldingB01 – Make the Sole by Upper Linking ( Click to see Machine GM-6-01 )

trimming machineB02 – Shoe trimming ( Click to see Trimming Machine )